Joel Parkinson Print

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Joel Parkinson (2021)
Giclee Cotton Rag Mat Smooth Print
Archival Quality

Original: Pyrography on pine
925 x 1240mm
Pyrography on pine

Source image credit: Corey Wilson

Have you ever seen someone look so graceful and in complete control in a barrel? Then you must have seen Joel whether at his home breaks of Snapper and Kirra or winning backdoor Pipeline. Joel Parkinson is the Gold Coast legend of the surf who makes the epic look like a walk in the park. Joel claimed his maiden ASP World professional open men’s title in 2012 and held second place four other years over his 12 years competing on the world stage. There is no question to anyone who has witnessed this man in action that he is one of the most stylish and smooth surfers ever. A proud member of the Snapper Surfriders and a happy family man, Parko is one of the all-time legends.