Peter Drouyn Print

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Peter Drouyn (2021)
Giclee Cotton Rag Mat Smooth Print
Archival Quality

Original: Pyrography on pine
400 x 815mm

Source image credit: Peter Drouyn, Dick Hoole

Peter Drouyn is one of the great eccentric champions from the Gold Coast. Multiple Australian Champion and Surfboard builder, Peter introduced the man on man format at the 1977 Burleigh Stubbies classic which remains the world tour format today. Peter transformed into the transgender Westerly Windina from 2010 to 2016, has degrees in law and engineering, speaks mandarin and introduced surfing to the Chinese in the 80s. A former actor who attended NIDA acting school in Sydney in the 70s during the filming of self titled surf movie Drouyn and Friends by Bob Evans, Peter Drouyn is the Legend of the Surf who has enriched our history and culture in all his colours and forms.

Peter provided the feature portrait with the attached words: "I think it speaks volumes. Actually it's a shot taken by American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) after the Duke Classic final time ticked by for formal results was becoming clear to the ABC crew and anchorman and crowd, that I was about to be shafted ( the judging system used was a points scoring wave for wave, tallied immediately after each ride, so that officials standing in a line at water's edge, held boards up with the number of each surfer and changed their position according in their place in the line ( the leader was always shown from left to right, we could see who was leading from the water...and as scores tallied and their movement switched along the line of the six numbers 1-6.... I had number one singlet and my position in the line never changed, the extreme left spot...I led all the way and could see it until the final siren....I had clearly won, in fact, easily. After congratulations died down and time ticked away, frustrations by all, started turning to disillusionment. An hour later, the loudspeaker announced Hackman the winner. I was devastated. That photo says it all, shafted once more. ABC never covered the event again. Winning Makaha afterwards helped heal the pain, but the damage was done and persisted."